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Progettazione e produzione propria

dal 1975


Metior designs and manufactures specific customised systems and products,
related to electronic weighing and stress detection, load cells, measuring
load cells, measuring instruments, strain gauges

Reduced timeframe

An extensive in-house warehouse makes it possible to design and manufacture the required parts in the shortest possible time.

From design to implementation

The entire process from design to the construction of cells and instruments is carried out in-house and globally at Metior.

Italian quality

Certified materials, craftsmanship know-how, production in the Dongo plant: Metior products represent quality made in Italy.

Our solutions for your business

Metior is qualified to design and manufacture load cells, special designs and one-offs.







Unique pieces

We design and produce prototypes according to drawings, even in one-off pieces at the customer’s request.

The production of customised load cells and measuring instruments starts from the customer’s requirements, with the aim of designing and producing a prototype and possible subsequent specimens that are able to solve specific problems, or be applied in particular conditions and in special sectors. Special designs can cover all those areas involved in the measurement of weights, loads and deformations.

Passion for sport

Sport is competition, innovation, research and development and training to excel. This philosophy is fully in line with that of Metior.it, always looking for the best performance of its products. For this reason, the company is present in the world of sport to stimulate the passion of promising young people to achieve their goals and to refine its know-how in specific applications.

Some of our customers

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Universities and organisations we work with