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Research, development, innovation, versatility and technology to meet every single customer need. These are the fundamental principles on which Metior’s forty years of activity is based.

Over the years, the company, which specialises in the design and production of load cells and weighing systems, has broadened its horizons by acquiring experience and improving the final product with state-of-the-art machines that make the work more and more efficient and perfect, resulting in a finished product of the highest quality and technology.

Versatility and continuous research into innovation make Metior an essential partner for those who want ideal solutions for every type of load cell.

Since 1975

The original nucleus of the company took its first steps in the eighties, starting with the industrial electronic weighing sector and then expanding its specialisation to all load cell sectors, without ever giving up the constant updating necessary to keep up with technological progress and the need to apply solutions that are constantly adapted.
Today the company, headed by the Barbieri family, deals with both design and production for third parties, and above all with the design and production of standard cells and customised cells, even in unique pieces, which are produced on the basis of the customer’s requests, supplying quality products in short times for every type of sector, from aeronautics to construction.

Technology and quality

The presence of specially designed and built machinery (laser welding and engraving machines, special presses with direct weights and double-piston hydraulic presses) make Metior products a guarantee of quality in every production, commercial, sports and experimental field, where optimal management of load and deformation detection measurements is required.

The code of ethics

METIOR has always been attentive to the use of low-impact products.
low impact products and GREEN policies have been implemented
implemented GREEN policies that have allowed

The Mission

Building unique load cells, where quality, precision and aesthetics are meant to represent high quality Italian manufacturing. Metior does not accept compromises.

The Vision

The Vision is a projection of a future scenario that reflects Metior’s ideals, values and aspirations, stimulating our everyday work:
“a Metior cell on every piece of equipment
of excellence”

Metior is also working closely with numerous Italian
Italian university faculties where the products are used for teaching applications.
used for educational applications.


ISO 9001:2015

ATEX 2014/34/EU

IECEx IMQ 17.0009X

Passion for sport

Sport is about competition, innovation, research and development and training to excel.. This philosophy is fully in line with that of, always looking for the best performance of its products. This is why the company is present in the world of sport to stimulate the passion of promising young people in the achievement of their goals and to increasingly hone their skills know how into specific applications.