Passion for Sport

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Sport is competition, innovation, attention to detail, technology, research and development and training to excel.

This philosophy is fully in line with Metior’s philosophy of always striving for the best performance of its designs and products.

For this reason, in addition to the personal passion of the team, the company is present in the world of sport to support competitive teams in various fields with the dual purpose of stimulating the passion of promising young people in achieving their goals and to increasingly refine its know-how in specific applications such as automotive, motorcycling and sailing.

Our commitment to sport


The collaboration in the world of motorcycling sport was born in 1990 thanks to the friendship between Alessandro Barbieri and the pilot Alessio Corradi, owner of the Team Gomma Racing ( This great shared passion for the world of 2 wheels, has given rise to a lasting partnership that represents for a source of pride and an opportunity for growth. The participation in this area allows to improve the research and development of acquisition sensors for data collection and telemetry as well as specific devices designed for motorcycling.


Already in the automotive sector for the production of load cells and electronic weighing devices, since 2017 has also been a sponsor of another motorsport category, following a rally team that is already at the top of its category. The team competes on international circuits in the Belgian, French and Swiss Championships with acclaimed drivers such as Lorenzo Bontempelli, Gianluca Marchioni, Cedric De Cecco and Jérome Humblet. The team is also the winner of the 2019 CIR Italian Rally Championship, and of some of the most coveted prizes: in 2019 it won first place in the Sanremo Rally, recognised as one of the most important in its category.


Recently also wanted to invest in its territory by supporting the Circolo Velico AVAL-CDV of Gravedona ed Uniti. The relationship with the club concerns in particular the youth competitive team for Optimist. For the company, this means promoting young people’s passion for an open-air sport with strong links to the territory of Lake Como and using the technical knowledge of sailing to cultivate its know-how in the naval sector and respond to growing market demands.